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Find out why we are Colorado's best emergency training company providing certification for CPR, BLS, AED, First Aid. We offer certificates through the Red Cross, American Heart Association, NASAR, and ASHI

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At Front Range CPR we specialize in making sure that Healthcare professionals are prepared to respond to any and all emergency situations and be able to provide basic life support to patients. Basic life support (BLS) is a critical skill that can literally make a difference between life and death. If you're looking for a reliable BLS training provider in Denver, CO, Front Range CPR training company offers BLS certification and re-certification training for healthcare professionals. Check out our newest Denver location at Front Range CPR 2175 South Jasmine street, Suite E, Denver, CO 80222.

Quality BLS Instruction & Hands-on Training By Experienced Instructors

Our BLS certification training is conducted by friendly and experienced instructors who are certified by the American Heart Association (AHA).
We pride ourselves on working hard to make learning fun and engaging for all our students. Our instructors use a combination of lectures, videos, and hands-on practice to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the concepts and can apply them in real-life situations.

Training Centers and On-Site Group BLS Training for Professional & Compliant Certification and Re-Certification through American Heart Association or American Red Cross

At Front Range CPR, we understand that healthcare providers have busy schedules, so we keep our business model simple and offer multiple training options to accommodate your needs. You can choose to attend one of our in-person training sessions at one of our Denver training centers or we are happy to accommodate your Onsite Group Training needs, as we are also a mobile BLS Certification Training company so we can come to you and we can provide a number of trainings and certification courses at your location.

Basic Life Support Training

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Why Choose Front Range CPR for Your Denver BLS Certification Training?

At Front Range CPR, we prioritize the quality of our BLS certification training and the friendliness and professionalism of our expert instructors. Our training is designed to provide healthcare professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to respond to emergency situations and provide life-saving interventions to patients. Our BLS certification training is based on the latest guidelines from the American Heart Association (AHA). The AHA is a well-respected organization that sets the standard for emergency cardiovascular care and resuscitation. By choosing Front Range CPR, you can be confident that you're receiving training that meets the highest standards. We offer BLS Original Certifications through either American Heart Association or American Red Cross.

We know the Importance of BLS Certification Training For Healthcare Providers

BLS training provides all healthcare workers with the essential skills and knowledge to respond quickly and appropriately during a medical emergency. Everyday, healthcare workers are working with possible emergency situations and time is of the essence, and every second counts. We understand that BLS-certified healthcare workers can provide early intervention and increase the patients chances of survival. We know that BLS certification training is required for all healthcare worker so that is why we offer many training options for classes along with our expert and friendly instructors. FRCPR has two on-site Denver locations, one at 2175 S. Jasmine St, Suite E. Thornton, CO 80222 and 11031 Sheridan Blvd. Westminster, CO 80020 or we are also a mobile training company and will come to your location to provide onsite training for this essential BLS certification for healthcare workers.

Standardized by American Heart Association or American Red Cross: Flexible and High Quality Basic Life Support (BLS) Training

BLS Certification training classes follow all standardized content and requirements set by the AHA for all Healthcare providers such as Nurses, Physicians, EMTs, Paramedics, CNSs, Physical and Occupational and Respiratory Therapists and other healthcare workers. Front Range CPR offers many choices of date and time options for BLS courses.
The AHA classes are three hours, which includes skills and written test. The course cost is $65, which DOES NOT include the required text book. We offer them at our training centers during weekdays or on the weekends. BLS Recertification is ONLY available if you have a current AHA BLS certification, or expired by no more than 30 days.

BLS Certification training classes consistent with the American Red Cross Focused Updates and Guidelines 2020 are also offered and these classes are four hours long.
Click the links to View our Training Schedule to get details on our class schedule for dates, times and further information.

Top Benefits of BLS Training at our Denver Training Center or your Location

Whether you take the BLS training at one of our Denver Training Centers or we come and provide On-Site Group BLS Certification training, either way, these essential skills help ensure that patients receive standardized care, increases patient survival rates, improves teamwork, reduces liability and enhances professional development while keeping the BLS certification up-to date.

BLS Training In Denver, Colorado

We have the perfect class for you! Get certified in three-four hours and choose from Group BLS courses as well as certification taught by experts who are here to answer any question that might arise during your training experience.

A dynamic individual or group format offers an interactive learning environment where participants can ask questions directly of instructors if they don't understand something or would like more clarification about anything related to what's being discussed at hand right now.

Increases Patient Survival Rates

This American Heart Association and American Red Cross are the most prestigious certifications for professionals. BLS training provides healthcare workers with the skills and knowledge needed to respond quickly and appropriately during a medical emergency. In many emergency situations, time is of the essence, and every second counts. BLS-certified healthcare workers can provide early intervention and increase the patient's chances of survival.

Ensures Standardized Care

BLS certification training ensures that healthcare professionals provide standardized care during emergency situations. It helps all providers to follow established protocols and procedures, which increases the chances of success when working with patients. Standardized BLS care also ensures that all healthcare workers respond to emergencies in a consistent manner, which reduces confusion and improves overall efficiency.

Improves Team Work

Through the BLS training class, it encourages teamwork among healthcare workers. In an emergency situation, healthcare providers must work together to provide effective care. BLS certification training emphasizes communication, cooperation, and collaboration, which are essential for a successful team response, especially when working in critical medical situations

Reduces Liability

BLS certification training helps healthcare professionals to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Healthcare workers who have completed BLS certification training are less likely to make errors or omissions that can lead to liability issues.

Enhances Professional Development

BLS certification training is an essential component of professional development for healthcare workers. It helps them to improve their skills and knowledge, which can lead to better job performance and career advancement opportunities.

Locations in Denver, Colorado that we offer Onsite Certification for BLS

We offer Onsite Certification for BLS in Colorado. OUR NEWEST LOCATION: Front Range CPR 2175 S. Jasmine St., #E Denver, CO 80222

With over four decades of experience in the industry, we offer onsite certification for BLS, CPR, First Aid and more.

If you're interested in learning more about our services or would like to enroll today then give us a call at 720-524-6447 !

Denver Onsite Basic Life Support (BLS) Training Certification and Renewal Certification

We offer BLS certification for healthcare providers at our local Denver Training Center. We offer these classes all week long so click to see the listing of courses and get enrolled today!

The best place to get your Onsite Group BLS certification training is with Front Range CPR's instructors because we have many years' worth expertise with providing these life-saving training services and we can come to your location to provide the training.

Get in touch when you are looking for Denver Onsite Group BLS Certification Near me!

Questions about BLS Certification Classes

What is Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification?

BLS is a foundational resuscitation training program that healthcare professionals, like nurses, physicians, EMS professionals, and other healthcare and public safety personnel, must complete. This program equips them with the knowledge they need to confidently respond to medical emergencies.

How is BLS different from CPR?

BLS training goes beyond the scope of lay-rescuer CPR, offering a comprehensive program for multi-rescuer teams. This includes instruction in the use of bag-masks and feedback devices. BLS is an incredibly valuable skill set to have in an emergency situation and specific to all healthcare workers.

What are the 5 Steps of BLS Assessment?

Step 1 - Scene Safety
Step 2 - Assess Breathing
Step 3 - Activate EMS
Step 4 - Get the Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Step 5 - CPR (Chest Compressions)
- Certification or Recertification

What are the ABCs of BLS?

BLS is the primary survey for healthcare professionals that focuses on the airway, breathing, and circulation. We assess the presence or absence of spontaneous breathing and provide ventilation when needed. We also evaluate pulselessness and perform chest compressions. With the availability of Automated External Defibrillators, defibrillation may not be limited to ACLS.