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CPR Training in Durango, Pagosa, Bayfield, Ouray, & Silverton

Find out why we are Colorado's #1 emergency training company providing skills for the elements with Wilderness First Aid classes. We offer CPR certificates through the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, ASHI, and NASAR

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CPR Classes in Durango, Pagosa, and Ouray

Register yourself for CPR Classes in Durango. Our programs are focused on prevention, assessment and treatment of common injuries that occur while out there exploring in remote areas with our expert instructors who know all about what you can expect when something goes wrong!

Why do we do CPR?

The primary reason for performing CPR is to restore the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain of a person who has gone into cardiac arrest (SCA). The person is not breathing (or is not breathing effectively) after SCA, and the heart is not pumping oxygenated blood to the brain or essential organs. The victim is clinically dead. Biologically, though, the sufferer stands a chance of survival.

Onsite First Aid Certification Training is being observed

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The Front Range CPR is a well-known provider of first aid training. With their expert knowledge and experience, they can help you develop skills that will save lives in remote areas like the wilderness!

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CPR for Healthcare Providers

Give your patients the care they require, when they require it. It's something you do every day. However, just as medication intervention strategies evolve, so do non-invasive therapies such as CPR. We provide CPR for healthcare providers as part of our commitment to safer communities and supporting you in everything that you do.

CPR Emergencies & why CPR can help

CPR is a lifesaving procedure that may be used in a variety of situations where someone's breathing or heartbeat has stopped, such as a heart attack or near drowning. The American Heart Association suggests beginning CPR with forceful and rapid chest compressions.

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This is a must-have training for healthcare personnel. We primarily teach newborn, child, and adult CPR to healthcare workers. In addition, you will gain hands-on CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) practice.

Certification and Renewal for CPR, First Aid

Renewing your CPR, First Aid, certification requires that you take one of two courses. You can either sign up for an online blended course which will teach the material and give access to participate in hands-on training and online materials and lessons, or register for our in-person CPR certification class which is all done together with the instructor and other students at one of our designated sites or we are also able to come to you and do an on-site CPR training where you are located.

What You Need to Do as a CPR or First Aid Provider

After you've learned the fundamentals of CPR and First Aid, you'll dive into the specific skills required to conduct both CPR and First Aid.

You'll learn how to do one-person CPR, CPR with rescue breaths, Hands-Only CPR, CPR as part of a two-rescuer team, and AED shock administration. You'll also learn how to provide CPR to adults, children, and babies. It's important to note that CPR-only classes may only cover adults or babies and toddlers. Make sure you register in the course that is appropriate for you!

Locations in Colorado, Durango and Beyond that we offer CPR Certification

We serve the Durango Area and surrounding areas Pagosa Spring, Bayfield.

Pagosa CPR Certification

Take CPR classes for certification in Pagosa from the experts at the American Red Cross. With just a few short hours of training, you can gain the skills to help someone in a time of need.

Bayfield CPR Certification

Take CPR classes for certification in Bayfield from the experts at the American Red Cross. With just a few short hours of training, you can gain the skills to help someone in a time of need.

Ouray CPR Certification

Take CPR classes for certification in Ouray from the experts at the American Red Cross. With just a few short hours of training, you can gain the skills to help someone in a time of need.

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Questions about CPR Classes

While performing CPR on an infant, another rescuer appears on the scene, what do you do next?

While performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on an infant with two rescuers, one should perform the compressions while the second rescuer should keep the airway open and provide ventilations at a ratio of 15:2. Together they will need to follow AED cues, apply AED pads and assist with CPR to minimize fatigue so that the CPR can continue and hope to resuscitate the infant until medical personnel can arrive.

Is CPR included in WFR?

This course is a 16 hour comprehensive program that teaches backcountry emergency training. Students will gain knowledge and confidence in all aspects, such as injuries caused by a wilderness injury; environmental emergencies like hypothermia and avalanches; survival skills to help you if medical assistance isn't available within reachable time period (or at all). The ultimate goal: complete mastery over these hazards so they can be avoided more easily than not! This extensive training event includes CPR+AED certification combined with other courses on topics including musculoskeletal issues, severe cold weather gear use instructional videos.

Why Should You Choose CPR Training from Front Range CPR?

1) We offer courses at all levels 2) Our instructors have over 100 years combined experience 3 )We can't be beat when it comes to price.
Front Range CPR, a leader in the field of Cardiac Arrest Training and Education. Front Range CPR offers classes for everyone from students looking to brush up on their skills before taking an examination, or individuals who are already certified but want additional knowledge about how best use them while providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

What if I get tired during chest compressions?

Chest compressions are hard work and after 100 chest compressions or if you become fatigued, it is recommended that you switch chest comrpessions with someone nearby. To transfer chest compressions effectively, there must be less than a 10 second delay when trading off.