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Locations that we offer Babysitter Safety Training Classes

We offer Babysitting Safety Training services in Broomfield, the Denver Tech Center, Colorado Springs, Highlands Ranch, Wyoming, Aurora, Idaho, Grand Junction, Delta, Durango, the Western Slope of Colorado and "near me" onsite group certification classes.

Professional & Compliant Certification through the AHA, Red Cross, ASHI, and NASAR

The American Heart Association has been a popular choice of training for those young people looking to learn how-to be highly and confident Babysitter who know how to best care for infants and children and what to do in case of emergency and keep everyone safe. However, there is new competition on the market: The American Safety of Emergency and Health Institute (ASHI). ASHICPR courses are just as good if not better than their counterparts from the AHA. A more reasonable decision would probably involve taking both classes so you can get all possible skills needed when working with individuals who suffer illness or injury.

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Babysitting Safety and First Aid Training For Youth Babysitters

Babysitting Safety training for young people wanting to become a babysitter is essential. This training helps young people gain the skills needed to take care of children and infants while their parents are away in a safe and responsible way. They will build their business skills, learn how to keep themselves and others safe, learn basic First Aid training, teach children how to behave. They can also opt in to taking a CPR certification class and they will then have the skills to perform this life-saving procedure can be used in an emergency situation where someone has stopped breathing and their heart doesn't beat anymore, or it could also help to save you from choking on food particles.

Infant CPR classes for Babysitters

It can be challenging to learn how to CPR for the first time but luckily we offer infant classes. These will help babysitters understand what's happening in an emergency situation so that if they are babysitting a baby they will be less stressed and more likely have a good outcome if it were ever needed!

Babysitting Safety & CPR for friends and family

It's no secret that people are prone to emergencies, and the children you are babysitting, your friends and family can also be at risk. Once you complete Babysitting Safety training, if you want to be even more prepared for an emergency you can also complete the CPR Certification Here is how you could help them in the event of an emergency: The "CPR for Friends & Family" lesson plan will teach those close with what they need so when faced with a sudden cardiac arrest it won’t feel terrifying or unfamiliar because we have all been trained on basic life saving skills!

Respiratory Training being done on silicon body

Babysitting Safety and Child Care Education and Training

The Front Range CPR's Babysitting Safety Training class is offered by industry leading experts who have a wide range of knowledge to help new babysitters gain skills and confidence needed for infant and child care. The 8 hour course includes information on how to properly take care of young children, develop leadership skills, know what should happen in an emergency situation and First Aid, as well as learn age appropriate activities, help children how to behave and build their own babysitting business!

Denver Babysitting Safety Training and First Aid Classes

Take Babysitting Safety and First Aid classes in Denver from the experts at the American Red Cross. With just a few short hours of training, you can gain the skills to help someone in a time of need.

The Denver Metro area we Serve

We serve the Denver Metro Area and surrounding areas including: Broomfield, Arvada, Denver, Centennial. and Aurora.

Types of CPR Equipment we use:

The equipment in a hospital's emergency room is essential for saving lives. The two adult exhaled air resuscitation masks, four pairs of disposable gloves and one use only stretcher control panels are all included with your purchase!

Locations in Colorado and Beyond that we offer Babysitting Safety Training

We offer Babysitting Safety and First Aid Training in Durango, Colorado, Grand Junction, Aurora and in Colorado Springs.

Denver Metro Babysitting Safety Certification

Take Babysitting Safety Training classes for certification in Denver from the experts at the American Red Cross. With just a few short hours of training, you can gain the skills to help someone in a time of need.

Colorado Springs Babysitting Safety Certification

Take  Babysitting Safety Training classes for certification in Colorado Springs from the experts at the American Red Cross. With just a few short hours of training, you can gain the skills to help someone in a time of need.

Grand Junction and Durango Babysitting Safety Certification

Take  Babysitting Safety Training classes for certification in Grand Junction and Durango from the experts at the American Red Cross. With just a few short hours of training, you can gain the skills to help someone in a time of need.

Colorado Babysitting Safety Certification

Take  Babysitting Safety Training for certification in Colorado from the experts at the American Red Cross. With just a few short hours of training, you can gain the skills to help someone in a time of need.

Wyoming, California, Texas, Idaho Babysitting Safety Certification

Take  Babysitting Safety Training for certification in Wyoming, California, Texas, Idaho from the experts at the American Red Cross. With just a few short hours of training, you can gain the skills to help someone in a time of need.

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Questions about Babysitter Safety and First Aid Classes

What training should a Babysitter have?

To qualify as a babysitter, you must first have safety training and certification from organizations like the Red Cross or American Heart Association. The Red Cross offers a variety of training programs that will prepare babysitters for what they may encounter when caring for children. These include first aid and CPR certifications, which are important because an unforeseen accident could happen at any time! Front Range CPR provides these services in conjunction with one another- it's always best to check before you start caring!

Do you need a license to be a Babysitter?

A babysitting license is not required, there is not a standard government issued in most places. It is very helpful and many parents want a babysitter that has taken a recognized babysitting safety training course with First Aid and it is also recommended that you take a CPR class as well so that as a babysitter caring for infants and children, you know what to do when an emergency happens.

Should Babysitters be CPR certified?

First Aid, CPR and AED Certification can definitely help and is often overlooked but will help prepare a baby sitter and you can help to save a child's life in an emergency situation. For example if they were unconscious or not breathing for any reason it would be beneficial know how to restart their circulation by giving chest compressions until rescue arrives. Front Range CPR offers AHA approved CPR classes for all levels.

What are some potential safety hazards to look for when babysitting?

Some safety hazards to be aware of when babysitting are electrical outlets, appliances and medicines. You should also look for places where children could trip or slip on the ground level such as around fireplaces and wood stoves; small items that may cause choking in infants/young children (age dependent), along with other potential dangers including heated surfaces near open flame devices, glass doors and windows.